Chapter One

Libby was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling. "Damn, that was the best trip I ever had, Rach." She sat up feeling woozy and looked at her best friend who lay beneath her on the floor. Rachel simply nodded in agreement.

"Shit girl! You need to learn how to cope!" Libby exclaimed as she dragged herself off her bed and stumbled over to the mirror.

Her usual big, blue eyes looked white and glassy because of the black circles under them, her angelic face was pale pink, and her long blond hair stuck to her face in clumps. She rubbed her eyes and tugged on her black fitted babydoll tee that read 'Drums and Bass' on the front in white letters. She then emptied the pockets of her fitted at the hips, wide at the bottom, skater jeans, and laid the contents on her dresser. Which were two packs of Newports, a twenty sack of weed, and five hits of acid. Libby lit up a Newport and sat on the floor beside her friend.

Libby took a hit of her cigarette and spoke, "Hey Rach! Get up! C'mon, you ain't that weak, are you?" she asked with a smile.

Rachel's eyelids fluttered open and she sat up, her big green eyes scanning the room. She pushed her long curly red hair behind her ear, licked her lips, and stated,"That was the best shit we ever-" She stopped cold and her eyes grew wide with horror. "Libby! Watch out behind you!" Rachel yelled and pointed, crying that a 'mean dog' was trying to attack Libby. Rachel ran to the corner, curled up into a ball, and cried.

Libby just shook her head and crawled over to Rachel, scooped her up, and rocked her back and forth. This wasn't the first time something like this happened with Rachel. She often had bad trips and Libby was used to it. Bad trips were often side effects to the one hit of acid the girls took each.

When Rachel finally quieted and went to sleep, Libby gently laid her on the bed. She then quickly changed into her pajamas, crawled into bed next to Rachel, and fell asleep.

Libby woke up the next morning to see that Rachel was already up and online on her computer. Libby's parents were very 'well off'. Libby's room was complete with a computer with internet, an entertainment center, the works. She had just about anything and everything a 14 year old girl could want; especially drugs and since she lived in downtown Atlanta, they weren't hard to aquire.

Her mom worked full time as a defense lawyer and her dad, an executive in a huge oil company. They were rarely ever home and hardly ever saw their daughter, or wanted to. That was where Libby's recklessness came from, no parental supervision. But she didn't care, she resented her parents and didn't want to see them anyway.

Libby dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. When she was out, she opened her walk-in closet and selected a pair of Roxy board shorts and a tight fitting, spaghetti strap tank top with silver and white shiny stripes on it. After drying her hair, she applied her make-up, some mascara to her super long lashes, nude eyeshadow, ad strawberry lipgloss. She then bounded over to the computer where her frend sat. "So whatcha wanna do today?" Libby asked hyperly.

Rachel and Libby were always together. They both had tough family lives, but being together gave them both a sense of completion they needed. The two girls had been friends for 5 years and they got along very well but had one particular thing in common..........drugs.

Rachel lifted her eyebrows and look from the computer screen to Libby. "Oh, whatever." she shrugged.

"Oh shit! There's a punk show tonight!" Libby exclaimed, very excited. "I almost forgot!"

"Yeah!" Rachel jumped up after quickly getting offline.

Rachel and Libby's favorite pastime and hangout place was the punk shows. They got to see their friends and they both loved to mosh, skank, and get high.

"What are we gonna wear?" Libby looked at Rachel expectantly.

"Hmmm, I don't have any clean clothes so do you think I could scavenge off of you?"

"Nah! No prob babe!"

Libby and Rachel got up and went into Libby's closet to find something to wear.

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