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My story is purely ficional and I am in no way associated with Hanson or Mercury Records......yada, yada, yada! I'm sure you've all heard all that jazz before, now just read my story.

Description of Characters

Libby Nelson-(main character): 5'8, long, elbow length, angel blond hair, crystal blue eyes; gorgeous, but not vain or conceited. A very blunt person who always tells you what she thinks and never what you want to hear. Also very strong willed, intellectual, and very fun to be around. The type of person who makes smart descisions, except for her one bad one. The one she failed to use her better judgement on. She chooses to take drugs.

Hanson: Isaac, Taylor, Zac, Diana, Walker, Avery, Jessica, Mackenzie, and Zoe- you should know who they are, if you don't then you have some kind of major defect and shouldn't be reading this story.

Robert Nelson-(Libby's father): A very tall and stalky, balding man, with blond hair and blue eyes. A funny and fun to be around kinda guy.

Dawn Nelson-(Libby's mother): 5'6, with wavy, shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. The kind of person you think to be 'too nice' and is hiding something.

Rachel Embry(Libby's best friend,): 5'5, with curly, long, firey red hair and green eyes. Very dependant on Libby and very shy. The exact opposite of Libby in other words. Addicted to drugs.

This story takes place in the summer of 1998, in June.......

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