"Mom! I'm going over to Sam's!" Isaac yelled as he put his leather jacket on. Even though it was summer, it was getting cooler outside as the sun set. Taylor couldn't help but grin. His brother sure loved that jacket.

"Okay honey! Be careful and don't get into any trouble!" Diana, their mother, called from the kitchen. Just as Isaac was about to leave, Taylor jumped up and grabbed his brother's arm.

"Hey Ike"

Isaac turned to his little brother,"What?"

"Can I go with you?"


"I dunno, I was just bored and have nothing to do, so can I come with you?"

Isaac patted his brother on the back, "Sorry bud, no can do. I didn't even think you knew Sam. Plus he didn't invite you"

Taylor's face fell. Isaac felt bad, but Sam had invited him and not his younger brother, and Isaac was not about to even think of bringing Taylor along. He opened the door, walked down the driveway, jumped on his bike, and rode down the street.

I was laying on the floor, reading a story to Jewel. Even though she could read by herself, she never broke the habit of having me read to her. Someone knocked on the door and Jewel went running to answer it. I followed her.

"Hi Ike! Sammy's in his room!" Jewel told the tall boy standing in the foyer. He looked at me and slightly blushed. I gave him a nasty look.

"Can I wear your jacket?" Jewel asked. He took off his jacket and handed it to her.

"Look at me! I'm Ike!" she sang and ran to the kitchen to show mom and dad. 'Ike' looked at me for a second, turned, and headed for the stairs.

"You had better stay outta my room!" I called after him.


"Hey Sam."

"What?" Sam looked up from the Sports Illustrated he was reading.

"Would you have a clue why Taylor would want to come over to your house"

"No clue what-so-ever, why?"

"I was leaving today and Taylor goes and asks me if he can come to your house. We've been friends a pretty long time, and this is the first time he has ever wanted to be here"

"I wouldn't know why. Puberty or something, wants to be cool and hang with his older brother, or something. I dunno, I don't have a brother."

Isaac's eyes widened, "You're right, it could be puberty or something, but I don't think he wants see us. I think he wants to see........your sister."


"No! Kate."

Sam's eyes got really big. He looked at his magazine, then at Isaac, then at the bedroom door. He burst out laughing, causing Isaac to laugh too.

"Oh man! That is really funny!" Sam choked out,"It could never happen"

"You are so right!" Isaac agreed.

That night, when Isaac got home, Taylor and Zac were playing Super Nintendo in their room.

"Hey guys" he said and sat down on Taylor's bed, which was the bottom bunk of the bunk beds that he and Taylor shared.

"Hey Ike" Zac said, concentrating on the game. Taylor was so involved in the game, he didn't hear Isaac. Isaac could see the glare from the tv reflecting off his brother's eyes.

"Uh, Tay? Are you okay?" he asked. Taylor didn't answer. "Probably mad because I didn't take him to Sam's" I saac thought,"Or maybe cause he didn't get to see..." his thoughts were interrupted by yelling.

"Oh yeah! I beat your butt Zac! You owe me five bucks!" Taylor pumped his fist in the air. Zac let out a dissapointed groan and pulled a $5 out of his pocket and Handoned it to Taylor. The champ turned to Isaac.

"Sorry I didn't answer you when you said hi, Me and Mr. 'I think I'm the best that Super Nintendo' made a bet who could beat the other at a game of Mario Kart. I couldn't give up the chance to kick litte Zac's butt"

"Hey!"Zac yelled,"I'm not little!"

Isaac and Taylor just laughed.

It was about two in the morning when Jewel came knocking at my door. I lazily rolled over and mumbled a "come in".

She stepped in, clutching a stuffed dog and a blanket.

"I can't sleep in my room, it's too hot, can I sleep here?" she asked.

"Okay," I said and made room for her on the queen size bed. My room was known to be the coolest room in the house. She climbed in and sniggled under the quilt. She closed her eyes, but opened them again.

"Kate?" she asked.

"What?" I reaplied.

"I think Taylor like you"

"What? What makes you think that?"

"The way he was looking at you and he was holding your hand."

I laughed,"We were just introducing ourselves. We were shaking hands."

"But still, he was looking at you."

"Whatever, now go to sleep, or I'll force you to go to Sam's room"

Jewel made a face, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.

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