Chapter Three

My mom woke me up the next morning to go to church. We were Catholics and went to church every Sunday. We all got dressed and headed out to my mom's mini-van. We went to church, and then went to Shoney's for breakfast, like we always did. After that, we headed home. I changed out of my stupid Sunday outfit and changed into my normal wide-legs and t-shirt. I went back outside to see Jewel reading.

"Kate, can you read this to me? I like it when you use the funny voices" she pleaded.

"Sure" I sat next to her and began to read her Sideway Stories From Wayside School.....with the funny voices.

When we got to the middle of the book, Mom came out with the phone.

"Jewel, phone." she said as she handed the phone to my little sister.

"Hi Jessie....yeah....uh huh....I think....maybe he could....yeah, you got that new Barbie? Cool! I'll see you in a little, I won't forget....ha ha! I'll see you soon....okay...yep....bye!" Jewel pushed the 'off' button.

"Jessie is coming over." she stated.

"Again? Geeze, you guys are joined at the hip." I said, laughing and standing up.

"Let's go inside." Jewel grabbed my hand an dragged me inside. A half hour later, Jessie didn't seem to have arrived yet, and Jewel had dissappeared. The doorbell rang all of a sudden. I answered it. Taylor stood outside the screen door.

"Hey Taylor. What are you doing here?"

"I was asking myself the same question. Jessica brought me over here about ten minutes ago, told me to sit right on the porch, ran around the house, and dissappeared." he shrugged.

"I think you been had by the little sister patrol." I said and stepped outside,"They probably wanted you to play dollhouse or something. I bet they got distracted by their Barbie and forgot about you."

"You're probably right, I am pretty forgetable."

"Not really, I remembered you." I blushed when I thought about what I had said. He did too.

"I, um, uh, maybe we should look for the little trouble makers." I said, attemtping to change the subject.

"Um, yeah, we should." he looked around from where he was standing,"Nope, can't find 'em. They sure are good at hiding. I give up." We laughed. Someone else must have found that funny too, because we heard giggling from behind the bush next to the porch. I put my fingers on my lips and motioned for Taylor to follow me. We slowly climbed down the stairs, around the house, and found ourselves right behond Jessica and Jewel, who were hinding behind the bush.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the to J's. And what might you be doing?" I crossed my arms across my chest.

"Uh, we were playing a really long game of hide and go seek?" Jessica raised her eyebrows to see if we bought her story.

"Nope, sorry. We don't by that," Taylor said,"Now what were you really doing?"

"Spying on you? Is that a good excuse?"Jewel asked.

"Yeah, kinda." I looked at Taylor and raised my eyebrows. He nodded, saying that he agreed.

"Can we go now?" Jewel asked.

"I dunno, can you?" I grabbed her and held her in a headlock. Taylor grabbed his sister and pinned her arms behind her back.

"Huh? Can you?" I asked Jewel, trying not to laugh.

"May I! May I!?" she yelled.

"Taylor! Let me go! That hurts." Jessica whined. He reluctantly let go of her. I let go of Jewel. They giggled and ran up the steps, into the house.

"Well, I had better go home now, the joke's over." Taylor shrugged and turned on his heel, heading towards the road.

"Wait," I said, he spun back around, "You don't have to go. I mean, oyu can go if you want to, but it would be a waste to come over here and then just leave."

"Is it okay if i stay?" he asked. I nodded.

"What do you want to do then?"

"We've got SNES. We could play that."

"Okay, let's go."

A half hour later we were playing Mario Kart. We both were pretty good, but Taylor was a little better then me......okay, he was a LOT better then me.

As usual he was ahead of me, but I decided to change that. I looked at him> He was too involved in the game to even think of me doing anything. I snaked my hand forward and yanked the controller out of his hands.

"Hey!" he yelled and tried to grab it from me but I kept it out of his reach. We heard the music, signaling that both of us had died and the game was over.

"Oh smooth!" he yelled again, and again tried to getthe controller out of my hands.

"That was the whole point!"

"To what? Kill us both?"

I nodded with a wicked grin on my face.

"Alright, revenge time!" Taylor growled and lunged at me. I rolled out of the way, behind the couch and stood up. Taylor stood on the opposite side. When I had rolled over, I happened to yank the controller from the main system so now the cord was trailing behind me. When Taylor moved to one end of the couch, I moved to the other. We kept this up for a few minutes, I was facing the back of the couch, he was facing the front.

"Kate!" Jewel shouted from upstairs,"Where are you?" I turned my head, so my eyes were facing the direction of the stairs, which were behind me. Bad move. Taylor jumped over the couch and tackled me. We fell to the floor. He rolled off of me, holding the controller up triumphantly.

"I rule! Oh yeah!" he pointed at me "You thought you could beat the master, but you were wrong!"

"Oh please," I rolled my eyes,"You just got the controller from me, big deal. At least you lost that last game of Mario Kart!"

Jewel and Jessica came down the stairs, a little surprised to see Taylor and I on the floor, and Taylor waving a SNES controller around. Jewel nudged Jessica with her elbow, and they both giggled.

"What do you guys want?" I asked, picking myself off of the floor.

"We heard lots of noise from down here, and we wanted to know what happened." Jessica said.

"Well, Mr. "I think I'm the best at everything' decided to beat me at Mario Kart, but I got my revenge," I stood up straight and tall.

"Yeah right," Taylor said, who was still on the floor,"Your little plan backfired."

"But I still got even didn't I?"

"Not really."

"Oh shut up"

A few minutes later Taylor and Jessica has to go home. He grabbed his sister's hand and turned to me.

"Hey, maybe we can hang out tomorrow," he said.

"Yeah, that would be cool. See ya, bye," I said as I closed the door.


"Yeah Jessie?"

"Is Kate your girlfriend?"

Taylor blushed, "No," he snapped. Jessica got a real dissapointed look on her face, "Darn" she whispered to herself.

"What?" Taylor asked.

"Nothing Tayles".

"So what did you guys do today?" my dad Philip asked us at the dinner table. He was 45, 5'10, had greying brown hair and a greying moustache.

"Jessie came over, Sam was gone all day, and Kate's boyfriend came over." Jewel said.

I immedietly choked on the milk I was drinking. My parents gave me an 'is there something we don't know?' look.

"Jewel!" I hissed at my sister.

"So, who is your boyfriend Kate?" Sam asked mockingly.

"Taylor," Jewel spit out before I could say anything. Sam burst out laughing.

"I knew it! I never imagined this happening.....woah, if they get married, then me and Ike will kinda be related."

"He is not my boyfriend, I do not like him!" I shouted.

"Katya, no yelling at the table," my mom said, but she was smiling.

"I thought you liked him" Jewel said.

"I don't!" I shut off my vocal cords and ate the rest of my dinner in silence.

After dinner, I went to my room and flopped on my bed. I pulled out a book from uner my pillow. It was a book of Edgar Allan Poe poems. It was a good book, freaky, but good. Sam opened the door to my room and sat on the bed next to me.

"What do you want?" I asked, not looking at him. He looked at me for a secind and stifled a laugh.

"I can't believe you like Taylor." he snickered. I grabbed one of my pillows and hit him on the head with it.

"Shut up! I do not like him!"

He shrugged,"Well, I figured you do, because me an' Ike think that he likes you. And plus after dinner, when you so rudely left us, Jewel continued to tell us her story of how she and Jessoca tried to hook you two up."

"What!?" I yelled "I can't believe they would do that!"

Sam just got up and left the room, shaking his head.

I actually woke up on my own the next morning, for once. I was still mad at Jewel. I was feeling really crummy this morning, I didn't want to get up when I did. At one in the afternoon, my mom came in wondering if I was going to get up.

"Mom, I don't feel good. I can't get up," I moaned. She walked over and put her hand on my forehead.

"Oh honey, I tihnk you have a fever. I'll go get a Tylenol. Stay right there."

"Yeah, like I'm gonna move." I retorted. A few minutes later she was back with a Tylenol, a thermometer, and a water bottle of juice.

"101.5F. You just stay in bed." she said after taking my temprature.

Awww, c'mon Mom! I don't have to stay in bed! When I have a feverm all I wanna do sometimes is walk around. Remember when I had the 103. temp, and I was still walking around?"

"OKat, you can walk around, but I just don't want you giving your sister or brother fevers."

"Oh thanks mom, nice to know you care about ME." I said sarcastically.

"You know I do. Now get some rest. If your lucky, you could be cured by tomorrow," she ruffled my hair and left the room.

Be cured tomorrow my butt. I spent the next few hours coughing. It turned out that I had a bad case of strep throat. This really sucked. I couldn't understand why I was sick during the summer. A while later, the phone rang. Sam answered it.


"Hey Sam, it's Ike. You want to go to the movies later? Steve, Mike, Ben, Joey, Brett and Aaron are going."

Sorry, I can't. I'm kinda under quarutine. Kate's sick amd I can't leave the house for some reason. Moms." Sam said.

"Oh, okay. Do you know if Steven C is home?" Isaac asked, reffering to their friend Steven Chergowsky.

"Yeah, he should be home. I gotta go. Bye"

"OKay, bye."

At the Hanson house......

"Hey, hey, hey! Where do you tihnk you're going mister?" Isaac asked as he grabbed a fast moving Taylor by the back of his shirt.

"I'm going to Katya's. Is there a problem with that?" Taylor snapped back defensively.

"Sorry, but there is a problem with that, she's sick."

"With what?" he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at Isaac doubtfully.

"Strep throat. I called Sam and he told me," Isaac said. Taylor's face fell.

"Oh," Taylor sighed and dropped his arms to his sides. He sat down on the couch and stared and the wall above the tv.

"Dinner's going to be ready soon" Isaac said as he left the room to go upstairs. When Taylor couldn't hear his brother anymore, he stood back up, and snuck out the door.

"Who cares if she's sick." Taylor mumbled.

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