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April 14th, 2001 It was just a random day, I was checking into this old page because I was REALLY REALLY REALLY bored and I noticed that someone wrote in my guestbook a week ago. Isn't that something! Wow. That really touched me. After all these years....

Lots of things have changed over these years, but I still love Hanson, and I love to write. I however, over the past 2 years, discovered a place called Japan. Yes folks, I'm an otaku (Japanese for 'nerd') I've discovered Playstation, Anime, and the musicians over there (and holy crap, they are HOT) So now my interests are ....shifting, if you know what I mean. I still write, but my style is....very different. But after reading that entry in the guestbook, I guess I might be motivated to write some more someday soon ^_^

Penultimate Version 1.2 This is my current site, FRAMES VERSION where you can see what I've been up to lately.

The Realm The "Not Really Updated" non frames version. The writing section in here is updated however.

Tina the Troubled Teen The Weather In Hell

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